About Our History

What We Do

Recycling and Reusing
Since 1989

Southern Core Recycling is constantly working to improve the service, quality and value we offer to our customers. The company continuously invests in its employees. We believe that training and education gives each individual employee the opportunity to grow along with the company. Our families are committed to the consumers who buy our scrap from around the world, our customers who sell to us, and our employees who work so hard to make Southern Core Recycling a great company.


Our Family Business History

Over the past 32 years, diversification has played a huge role in the growth of the company. As the core industry changed, the company evolved into a full-service scrap yard that specializes in cast and aluminum from our shredder as well as all other types of ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Leading The Way In Recycling
And Environmental Safety!

Our company is dedicated to the environment. The policies and procedures in use are environmentally responsible. We have adopted both government and industry-developed standards for operating guidelines. The yard and equipment comply with city, state, and EPA standards.


Jobs provided by recycling industry.

138 million

Metric tons of recycled items


Off all steel comes from scrap production.


All aluminum production from scrap production.

Working Together to
Create a Sustainable Future