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You can find the list of material under the services tab.  We generally take all types of scrap metal both ferrous and nonferrous.  We also buy some types of escrap.

Closed containers, must have holes in them and be free from residue. Acetylene, oxygen, propane, etc.

Ammunition, hazardous waste, TV’s, monitors, printers, and the like

Radioactive scrap

Stolen material of any kind.

Contact us for more information if you have a question about a particular type of scrap

All cars must have a title or similar document.  Remove or punch 3 holes in the bottom of the gas tank, must be free from all gasoline, must have valid drivers license.

You must have a valid State ID or Drivers License and be 18 years old.  In order to sell AC units or components you must have proper documentation such as a State License or the like.  

Yes we pay in cash.

Visit the commercial services tab on the top of the website.  For pick up services, We have a convenient location for you to bring in your scrap.  We pay in cash.

Prices vary with the market.  For current pricing please call us.  281-469-9665

Monday – Friday 7am – 4pm  Saturday 8am-12:45pm