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Pick Up Service

Containers can be dropped off at your location for removal of scrap, free of charge. All types and sizes of containers are available.


Certified Scales

We have 5 certified scales. 2 truck scales offer our customers the ability to weigh truck load quantities.


Flatbed Service

We can pick up any type of scrap equipment, pipe, or obsolete materials from your site.


Box Sizes We Provide

Southern Core Recycling will provide fast friendly service to fit your company or personal business needs. We offer all types of container and flatbed services.

20 Yard

30’L x 8’W x 3’T

30 Yard

30'L X 8'W X 5’ T

40 Yard

30'L X 8'W X 7’ T

T-Box 44 Yard

30'L X 8'W X 5' T

Drop Deck

39' low deck 6' top deck


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Trusted Customer Service

Customer Reviews

This is the best place around. They have hard workers in the yard and I’ve never been disappointed by their payouts. I will never take metal anywhere else. Sometimes there’s a wait but it’s because a lot of people know they’re the best. Just go early. You’ll be in and out.

Great place to pick up. Friendly people and quick easy in and out.

They take m metal and electronics but not tube TV's. Paid exact cash. I didn't get much $ but the stuff didn't end up in a dumpster so I'm happy.

I moved recently so my regular scrap yard is much further than southern I went here and everything was explained to me and things went perfect...kudos to these people.they got one for life now.

Mon-Fri 7am-4:00pm, Sat 8am-12:45pm

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